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Founded in 1953 by Louis CAVALLO, the ALBENS "Clique" (just drums and bugles) became a "Batterie-Fanfare" (drum and natural brass band) in 1973.

The band plays in a lot of events, parades, concerts, festivals and rememberance ceremonies throughout the year. With the evolution in this style of music, L'Avenir d'ALBENS acquired specific instruments which allows it to broaden its repertoire.

As an association, L'Avenir d'ALBENS contributes to the community spirit and brings people together to play music as a team.

In December 2000, became a member of FMS (Savoie Music Federation).

There are at present 30 musicians in the band.

A frog as its emblem

ALBENS, with a population of about 3600, is located in the North West of the Savoie, between AIX-LES-BAINS and ANNECY. It was built in the middle of a swampy area which is why the frog on the Savoie Flag was adopted as our emblem.

(c)l'Avenir d'Albens

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